Hemet West Fun Day at the Courts!

IMG_2045Hemet West  “FUN”  Day!!!

Saturday, August 8th, 10:00am.

George Gurney and his Purple Team were ready! When you came in the door you were told to put away your personal cue as everyone will be using “house” cues. Next, LG sold you tickets for play, 25 cents each. And while we did that and lined up on the right, the rules of play were explained. Boards 9, 7, 5 and 3 were to be played in that order. 4 yellow disks on each board could be played from anywhere in the shooting area. On board 9, only 10’s counted. On board 7, only 8’s counted. On board 5, only 7’s counted. And surprise, on board 3, only kitchens counted and were worth +10.

Each board had a Purple Team member at each end, one to collect the tickets and the other to score. As all play was from the foot, the scores traveled with you down the head and Angel collected and recorded them the end. When play started, there was a lot of shouts as those waiting their turn cheered the players. When you finished your turn, you got back in line to try again. And shared “almosts” and “if only’s” with each other.

At 11:30, Diane could wait no longer. The blender was fired up and Margaritas were served. I know we usually don’t allow drinks in the playing area, but this was a fun day. Of course I sampled them. More than one. And I’m blaming them for my poor showing.

Also around this time,the food line started. The main dish was Taquitos. More than 120 were hot and waiting. Spicy salsa, guacamole and sour cream toppings were available. Also served were 2 dozen Purple frosted cupcakes. Pretzel topped with chocolate and various nuts were delicious. Coolers with sodas and beer augmented the 8 liters of margaritas Diane had on hand.

After food and some more playing the winners were announced. 109 tickets were sold. $22.25 total prize money was claimed by;

5th place with 25 pts —Paul Filatoff

4th place with 27 pts—Steve Piccinonno

3rd place with 30 pts—Bud Bliss

2nd place with 32 pts—Thelma Adams

1st place with 34 pts (thanks to 2 kitchens) went to the birthday girl—Marolyn Davidson

Congratulations George and the Purple People Eaters. A real FUNNN day

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